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Winter Trail Runs - Adventure Wenches

Winter Trail Runs 2

A couple of weeks ago, we ran the Raging Bull Trail Run.

photo 3

Again, signed up for 6, ran 3.  Boo, hiss.

We discovered we run downhill like old ladies.  Really.  We picked our way downhill, sliding and slipping the whole way and not at all ‘running’.  The Raging Bull is a 3 mile loop in a HILLY state park.  At the time, I did not own any trail shoes and was running on my old shoes that had zero traction.  Not that that would’ve really helped but we can say so.

It was really a beautiful place to run.

photo 1



When we started getting lapped by some of the other people ,we were amazed at how confidently the ran down the snowy, icey hills.    So about halfway down one hill, I tried it.  Complete with sounds effects….”wheeeeee”.


Almost ready to “wheeeee”

We were a lot faster the second half and really debated the 2nd loop.  We were with a friend that is significantly faster than us and were afraid that if we took off again she would be waiting a long time!  I had 4 miles planned for the day, so we ran on the road to get another mile in, and when we got back our friend was done.

photo 4

I think that’s the trail.


Up next, Adventure Race!

Do you run on trails in the winter or stick to roads?  

2 thoughts on “Winter Trail Runs

  1. Reply Heather Feb 28, 2014 5:18 pm

    I’ve done two trail races this winter. Both were brutal but fun. My 5 mile race two weeks ago was through several inches of snow – impossible to really run in, it was more like doing high knees for 2 hours! (Yes, 5 miles took me 2 hours on that trail…it was THAT bad!) My January race was all ice, but I never fell. Whee!
    Heather recently posted…Logging those milesMy Profile

    • Reply slinder1 Mar 2, 2014 11:23 pm

      I can’t wait for the weather to warm up and I can running some trails in nice weather and conditions. It has amazed me how something so painful and tiring can be so much fun!

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