Winter Adventure with my son

A couple of weeks ago with our Winter Adventure race.  Sheri and I planned to do the 4 hour course but was sick on race day.  I contemplated racing on my own, but then I asked my son if he wanted to join me.  We dropped down to the 2 hour race for his first time.

He was super excited to be the only kid racing.  We had a great day for it.  A little windy, but not bad for February in Nebraska.

We decided we would run first since biking isn’t our strong suit, especially with the wind.



He loved wearing a hydration pack.  He always wants to drink from one.  He called it his “H-pack”.


We did a good job finding all of the trekking checkpoints.   We had no trouble finding them and we were ready to bike after about 45 minutes.


We headed out on the bikes and I was a little nervous to take him on the roads.  I let him lead.  Sheri’s great at making sure we keep time on how long it takes once we leave so we know our timing to get back.  Glad I’ve listened so we remembered to keep track.

We got our first bike one and headed off to the 2nd.  It got a little rough for a bit heading into the wind and he fell down once.  He wasn’t a big fan of the rolling gravel hills.



We got to our 2nd bike checkpoint and turned around for time.  We walked up most of the uphills and we squeaked in a minute late.

We ended up coming in first in the 2 hour, I’m not sure how many did it, but Bodhi was pumped.  He can’t wait to do another one!

I do need to get him a new bike, especially if he’s going to race with me!  He’s always ridden used cheap bikes, but now that he’s little older in a bigger bike and likes it, I’m willing to spend a little more.  But just how much?   What do your kids ride?

Sheri and I are doing a 12 hour Adventure Race in Kansas this weekend!  Can’t wait!


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