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Weekly Training Recap.... - Adventure Wenches

Weekly Training Recap….

Last weeks training had it’s ups and downs.   My shorter runs were a little lacking.  I was sick for a couple of days and took it easy….unfortunately, I already had taken a couple days off so it was a little longer than intended.

Wednesday:  1 mile walk/run

Thursday:  Kettlebells

Friday:  10 mile run! Woo hoo!

Saturday:  Easy walk around the lake.  2.5 miles

I’m still stoked I ran 10 miles on Friday.  I never would have believed that I was capable of doing it before.

This weeks minimum goals:

2 weight workouts

2 yoga sessions

run minimum of 3 days, ideally 4.

Stay tuned for a fun raffle coming up!

Do you work with regular goals?  Weekly?  Monthly?  What works best for you?

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