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Weekly Training Recap 9 weeks out - Adventure Wenches

Weekly Training Recap 9 weeks out

It’s 9 weeks from yesterday for my race….so does that make last week 9 weeks out or this week?

Monday – Strength and yoga

Tuesday – Bike ride with kids

Wednesday – 3.5 mile run, and yoga

Thursday – Strength

Friday – walk

Saturday – 10 mile hill run!

Better at keeping track and adding more activity in.  Still need to be more diligent about getting my runs in during the week.  Saturday’s hilly run was brutal.  I struggled a little mentally around mile 8, but then found my focus again and powered through it.

I did not do a good job at hydrating after the run however.  We headed to the lake after my daughter’s soccer game and I was a mess when we got there.  Tired, cranky, and had a headache.  Got some twitter advice…thanks to those who helped!!  Had 4 glasses of water with lemon and a little salt and felt much better.

Shouldn't  be crabby here

Shouldn’t be crabby here!


New goals:

3 runs!

1 bike ride – Nacho ride here we come!

2 strength

2 yoga

Sneak Preview:

Raffle coming soon....lots of cool items!

Raffle coming soon….lots of cool items!

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