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Weekly Recap 8 weeks out! - Adventure Wenches

Weekly Recap 8 weeks out!

Last week was much better at keeping track!

Monday – bodyweight exercises

Tuesday – nacho ride!  We rode 14 riles….stopped and had a drink and nachos in a small town bar halfway through.  It was a lot of fun….although we did need to leave earlier (it was too dark on the way back), and then we had a flat tire.  I’d definitely like to do it again, but maybe wait until we have more daylight or can get an earlier start.

Fun at the ride!

Fun at the ride!

Wednesday – 3.5 miles

Thursday – kettlebell swings and rows

Friday – Tabata training!  I haven’t done that in a long time and I love it!

Saturday – 7 miles

Sunday – 3.3 miles  Pretty proud of this one.  Had a little girls weekend at the lake.  It was a lot of fun and relaxation.  We had a few drinks and floated in the lake most of the time.  3 of us did get up Sunday morning and ran around the lake while breakfast was cooking in the oven.  It was perfect.IMG_20130728_092733_611

Did not do much yoga last week.  I did stretch and use the foam roller more.  But I’d really like to get a little yoga in.

This weeks goals:

3 runs

2 weights

2 tabata

2 yoga

If you missed it, I posted a huge online raffle last week.  $5 gets an entry….lots of great running items.  Check it out and share!

Do you do any tabata training?  What are your favorite exercises with it?

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