We got lost!

We’ve been lost to blogging for awhile now but haven’t stopped adventuring.   And we still do get lost while adventuring occasionally.

Things have looked a little different the last few months, not including the last few weeks where things have gotten really different for everyone!


Last summer


We’ve still been adventuring and every January we tell ourselves this will be our best year yet.  Meh.  Sometimes training and racing gets better and sometimes we are just out there to be out there enjoying the outdoors doing something different.  Will the last part of 202 be our best yet?

Last December I had major surgery on blood vessels  in my stomach in which they needed an 8 inch incision from my sternum to below belly button.    I’ve been pretty much been starting over on my fitness level from that.  I had stopped running in August when they starting doing testing for my aneurysm and blockage.

I had such high hopes for my ability to jump back in things, I scheduled trail runs for January.  Okay, so that was a little optimistic.  I’d never had a major surgery like that before.

I walked the next run and have recently started running again.    We also got a Peleton in the fall and I’ve been using that as well.  My favorite is that I’m totally loving the yoga options!    As I’ve started running, I can tell that I feel so much better than before and I think that’s due to all the yoga!

Last year, Sheri started putting together a Facebook for locals to join on walks, runs or the occasional bootcamp.  She was just getting to starting them back up for Spring when COVID-19 happened.    We are looking forward to being able to train with others and each other again!


Bootcamp at the park.


I’ll start sharing a little more about our past adventures and current experiences and what’s next for the Wenches.

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