I’ve really been struggling lately with my stomach bothering me when I run.  I’ve ran 30 minutes after dinner, in the morning, before dinner.  I haven’t quite been able to find the right time.  I didn’t quite get my 3 miles in yesterday  because I had stomach pains.  

I’m not sure if it’s my timing or I need to adjust my diet.  I am mostly gluten free and eat a mostly non-processed diet, but am not strict on condiments, sauces etc.  I also think soy bothers me, which is also in most processed or quick food.  And I have a horrible diet mountain dew habit.  

So I’m not really sure if it’s more diet tweaking, and being stricter that I need, or keep figuring out the best time for me.  I will keep experimenting.

Anyone else have stomach issues when you started running or did anything become apparent that you needed to change?


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