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Trail Run, and Whole 30 - Adventure Wenches

Trail Run, and Whole 30 1

I’m a bit behind in my updating!

I did what ended up to be a 3 mile trail run event on January 12.  I don’t really have any pictures from it.  It was a slippery muddy mess.  It was a lot of fun from the event standpoint, but pretty hard to navigate through the mud without falling on my butt.  Which I did once.   It was a 3 mile loop around a local lake’s trails.  You could do 3, 6, or 12.  We thought about 6, but once through the muck was enough.  My hips were a little more from the side to side movement from sliding around.  But I’d totally do it again!


So that was officially my first for the 14 in 14!


Whole 30 update:

It’s not as hard as I thought it would be.   Sure it’s less convenient.  I have to be prepared with my foods.  I need to have veggies and meat on hand, and prepped for lunches.  That part takes more work.  But it’s SOOO much easier to say no to other foods.  It’s much more simple to have a plan and stick to it rather than make the constant decisions: Should I have this? I can just have 1.  I’ll make this my cheat meal and not have one later.  I won’t eat that tomorrow.  I ran hard today, I deserve this, etc.

I do miss a few things.  I miss popcorn the most.  Cheese a little bit, especially when I have something I would normally have it on.  But there are some AMAZING recipes and recipe books out there!  With some spices and sauces, I’ve tried some amazing eats that I wouldn’t have.  My brother, and a couple of friends are also doing it so it’s been fun to exchange ideas and what great new food or recipe we’ve found.  Side effects:  My energy has been constant and I’ve more focus and tackling my to do list.  My skin is less dry and my eczema has gotten a lot better.  My pants feel looser.

Favorite Whole30 blogs:




They have all been a consistent source of information and great recipes!


Recap of my Orienteering Challenge up next.


Have you tried doing a Whole30?  What’s the biggest nutritional change you’ve made?



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  1. Reply Cristina @triathlonmami Jan 28, 2014 2:21 am

    wow. I don’t think I can do the whole 30 thing. I am not at the point of being that organized yet to be so prepared. Congrats for sticking it out and for completing your muddy race!

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