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The Break Up - Adventure Wenches

The Break Up 1

On March 21 we did a 6 hour Adventure Race at Milford Lake KS.  It was our first out of state race!   We had some great moments and some not so great moments.

We drove to Manhattan Friday night after work.  Found our hotel and went out to grab something to eat.

We ate at a place called AJ’s NY Pizzeria.  It was great!  Lots of different selections for pizza and you could order by the slice.  They also had incredible salads.  We each got a salad and a pizza slice.

After that we headed back to the hotel and prepped for the next day.    Breakfasts ready….portable snacks, hydration packs ready to be filled, clothes laid out, required gear check.

I got a new map bag and it rocked.  Sometimes it’s the little things….I upgraded from a large Ziploc baggie.

4611 - Copy



We got to check in about 6:30 and got our maps and swag.  Sweet beanie and cup!    The short course (our 6 hours) didn’t have to plot, the map came pre-potted.   So we just laid it out and planned our strategy.  We were originally going to skip the first biking section and go straight for section 2 since we knew we aren’t fast enough to get them all.   The start/finish facility was very nice.  Large open space and nice bathrooms!


At 7:30 we all started.  Both the Short and Adventure (12 hour) courses started at the same time.  You could either bike or run/trek to start.  We ran.  We went north of town and found the 3 checkpoints up near the lake with relative ease.  We did find ourselves on the wrong side of the fence and had to crawl under another barb-wire fence but we are getting good at that.    After that we got another trekking checkpoint on the opposite side of town.  That was a little fun because there were a lot of teams searching for it when we came up.  We decided where we wanted to look and ended up going straight for it.  Unfortunately, at least 3 other teams had followed us up.  But it was fun to be the leader for that one.

My favorite!

My favorite!


Finding checkpoints.

Finding checkpoints.

After that we went back to the start to start the bikes.  After talking it over and getting some feedback, we decided to get the biking section in the first section.   I really need to work on my biking.    We got the section biking checkpoints with ease, other than the hills.  And my pant leg getting stuck in my chain a few times.  I finally figured it out and just rolled that one up to my knee.

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We were feeling really good at how we were doing at the point.    We were with a lot of other teams and beating some to checkpoints.  You never really know, since you don’t know who went which way first or who’s missed some but we felt good.

4621 - Copy

Then we went back to start to check in to go to the next section.  And got stuck.  We struggled with our map and roads not being where they should be.  Somehow we turned in circles for a long time struggling to get south of this tiny town.  We eventually made it out but that was probably the most frustrated I’ve been to date in an event.  I just didn’t know what to do.    We wasted a ton of time and ended up not getting many after that.

We got back to the finish on time and had some snacks and pop.  I was pretty toast by this point.  We checked our packs and Sheri drank about 2 L’s of water and I didn’t drink 1/2 of one.   Sheri ate a peanut butter and bacon sandwich on the road, and I had a larabar.  Can we tell who packs and plans better?

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We came in 1st place in our division and got a sweet certificate and a nice custom glass.

The RD and us...have loved getting to know her!

The RD and us…have loved getting to know her!

Had we not had the mishap getting out of town I think we would have placed pretty decent overall!

All in all, it was a very well done race, we had a great time (except for awhile there), and the weather could not have been any better!

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We are definitely planning on going back next year!

Our next Adventure Race is coming up June 16th and we are signing up for the 12 hour course!  We have plenty we want to work on before then…biking being #1 priority, with some rowing/paddling time and I need some nutrition experimenting.

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  1. Reply Sheri Pfeil May 5, 2015 1:54 pm

    I think some would argue that Larabars are nutritionally superior to PB and bacon, but it tastes so good and effectively counters the “grumpies” caused by being lost in a small town. :-)

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