Quads, Tri’s, Adventure Racing and Trail runs…Whew.

The weather here is still  trying to figure out if it’s spring or winter still.    We get a nice day or two, followed by cold.  I am so ready for it to warm up!

Next week is a 5 mile trail run, there will be hills!…which I need to plan another 5 miles after that to get my 10 miles in for the Half Marathon training.

Then May 4th is the Half marathon!

Not a lot going on this spring, in terms of events.  Which is good because the end of the school year is always busy!  Easter, birthdays, dance recitals, soccer, etc.

But when summer hits….we have a packed schedule if all goes according to plan.  Most of our events are through Angry Cow Adventures.  Love them!

June 7 -  Mud, Sweat, and Beers – local, evening trail run.

June 14 – RRRR Run Row Rock n Roll - Adventure Race!

June 29 – The Quad – Row, Run, Bike, and Swim.

July 19 State Games Adventure Race with some possible track events in the afternoon…that should be funny!

July 26th – Heifer Hustle – night trail run!

July 27th – State Games Sprint Tri – good idea to do a night trail run the night before right?!

Aug 9th – Xterra Bolt

Aug 23rd – Warrior Challenge

Whew!  More events in the Fall but the covers the summer!   Plus I’d like to the Spartan race depending on when it is.  They haven’t announced Nebraska yet.

Am I nuts?  Looking at it kind of freaks me out a little bit. But it’s also exciting!

Our new team name is the Knotheads.  And we are open to sponsors!

 Do you do a lot of events the summer? 


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