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State Games Adventure Race - Adventure Wenches

State Games Adventure Race 1

Last Saturday we completed another Adventure Race.    As we got into the car to leave we said…how is it so much fun to run through poison ivy, get scratched up from weeds and tree branches, run, bike, swim for 3 hours?

We had another great time.  It’s like being a kid on a scavenger hunt.  We get to run bike and play looking for clues.   The weather was perfect!

We had another friend join us for this event and he was familiar with event site.

Plotting our strategy

Plotting our strategy

We started off by running to the first 4 checkpoints.

Checkpoint 1.  Love the long socks!

Checkpoint 1. Love the long socks!


I think we spent a fair amount of time in the running section.  We were bushwacking a little more than I think we needed to in the end.  We were knee deep in poison ivy and ticks.

Side note:  Sheri used deet, and I used Rose Geranuim oil and DoTerra’s Terrashield blend essential oils and neither of us had a tick on us.  Our other partner pulled at least 10 off of him!    Super happy with my natural stuff!

We got back to our bikes and B needed to wash the poison ivy off since he’s allergic.  Then we were off.  Sheri and I’s singletrack bike handling skills need a lot of work.  We were nervous and managed to both fall over at one point going up an incline.  We couldn’t get our feet out of our cages fast enough. I fell into a fir tree and had a nice collection of stickers in my butt and shirt. It was really comical.

Standing now.

Standing now.

After that, it went pretty smooth.  The state games does make it a little easier when you are close to a checkpoint since most of the them had a Games volunteer in a bright orange shirt sitting close by.


We finished all of the checkpoints and came in for the last 2 on the beach.  We had to crawl under a net, do 20 pushups, 20 crunches, and 10 burpees and then find a checkpoint under a buoy.    Only one team member needed to swim, but we decided to stick together.  And the State Games required these lovely life jackets.


All in all, not our best showing, but for us it’s more about getting out there, pushing our comfort zones, and being active.  We did walk away with a Bronze medal for our division so that’s kinda cool.


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  1. Reply Jennfier Turner Jul 23, 2014 9:57 pm

    Good for you! I am a horrible swimmer
    Jennfier Turner recently posted…Bryn’s Army Virtual RaceMy Profile

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