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Shoes Continued - Adventure Wenches

Shoes Continued 1

I think I found my shoe!

I tried Brooks Ghost, Nike Pegasus, and Brooks PureFlow prior to what I have now.  Those are the ones I took home and kept for a week or so at a time.

I decided to try the Mizuno Wave Riders on my own.  They fit the same category as the others but seems to have a different technology….I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try.

Mizuno Wave Riders

Mizuno Wave Riders

I have to admit, I love the colors!  I love the watermelon combo as well, but went with these.

AND, I did a little over 6 miles on Saturday and my toes didn’t go numb or fall asleep!!  Score!

Bad news though:  I got my first blister.  Left big toe ended up with a nice one on the side.  I’ll have to experiment now on how to avoid that…but I’m super happy to have found a shoe where my toes are happy!

Anyone else have trouble finding THEIR shoe?

One comment on “Shoes Continued

  1. Reply Debbie @ Healthy Running Mom Jul 18, 2013 10:05 am

    Are you kidding?
    I have NEVER found the perfect shoe for my feet.
    I ether get purple/numb toes or bloody blisters. There never seems to be an in between for me.
    Right now, I’d rather have the purple/numb toes than the bloody blisters, so I’m in Brooks.
    Looking forward one day for the perfect shoe! I don’t know if it exists & it’s so much work!

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