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Shoes and Lacing Part 3 - Adventure Wenches

Shoes and Lacing Part 3

I tried the lacing technique I mentioned in my last post.  Not really sure if it worked or not.  My toes felt better but the shoes were giving me some pain in my right arch.  Probably best to try a lacing technique after you’ve worn the shoes a little more to have a better comparison.  I tend to try too much too soon and then don’t have an accurate representation of what was really the benefit.

Due to the arch pain, I took the Nike Air Pegasus back to the store.  I need a neutral shoe with a wide toe box and something for my arch.  The Brooks Pure Connect have been working for me great.  My only concern was if they would be good once my distance starts getting up there.  Today the clerk said that maybe we should stick with shoes more similar to what’s been working.  Really?  It took 3 trips for that?

Next up to try is:


Brooks PureFlow 2

I am pretty excited about this choice.  It’s not that different than what I’ve been training in, just a little more cushion.  And it comes in purple to go with Team In Training colors!  Can’t beat that!

I’ve tried researching minimal versus more traditional and there’s a whole lot disagreement about which is better.  While the Pure Connect and PureFlow are not true minimalist shoes, they are definitely more minimal.  It does makes sense to me that we should wear shoes that are more aligned with our natural bodies and it’s been working for me.

Do you wear minimalist shoes?  What are your favorites?  Was it an easy transition?

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