San Fran part 2 – Race Day 2

After we met with the team Saturday night, it was off to bed.

Luckily we were still on Nebraska time, so it made it easier to go to bed early.  4:30 wake up call!

We made arrangements on Saturday to have a microwave and bowls delivered so I could make my usual pre-run breakfast (as my trainer’s recommended!).    Oatmeal with peanut butter for me.



Met the team in the hotel lobby at 5:30.  We talked for awhile and made sure everyone was ready with what they needed.   I made one last trip to the bathroom before headed out to get in our corrals.

P1040232 P1040231


Holy intense amount of people.  I’m in the last corral, which is everyone over an 11 min pace.  I overheard some ladies saying someone told them after they had registered that it’s helpful to put a faster start time so you don’t have to start and maneuver around all of the walkers.  Not too worried about it this time, but something to remember.

The start was 6:30 but we didn’t cross the start line until closer to 7:15 at least.

P1000291 P1000288

P1000303Start line!

It was crowded.  I’m not sure what I expected 30,000 people to be like, but it surprised me.  This run was for the experience. I was just trying to soak it all in and I wasn’t going to get frustrated by all of the people and trying to get around them.

My mom found another participants mom and they were going to ride together to the finish line!  I was glad she found someone to figure it out with!

P1000305 P1000308 P1000309 P1000313P1000314

I was a little disappointed in all of the fog.  It was supposed to clear off sooner, but didn’t get mid afternoon. It was great race weather, but cold when we stopped!P1000315 P1000316The hills were intense. Between the crowds and being a little scared I’d run out of steam, I walked most of them.  My knee had started to bother me a little bit after my longer training runs.  I’d started to notice that it was starting earlier and earlier towards the end of training….then we tapered….and in all honesty…I tapered a little too much!    We ended up going out of town the weekend before and I didn’t get any running in.

My knee was hurting a lot the last few miles. I walked more than I wanted and the last mile was a struggle to keep running, but I did it!  (my coach thinks it’s likely my IT band).

Found my mom!

Found my mom!


The finish line!

The finish line!


Getting the Tiffany necklace!


Picture made from all of the honorees.

Picture made from all of the honorees.



Done!  I did it!  Something I never thought I’d do, something I never thought I could do.  I ran 13.1 miles!

More to come….the rest of the trip….scary driving experience, summary and what’s next?


2 thoughts on “San Fran part 2 – Race Day

  1. Reply Angela Nov 21, 2013 12:19 am

    Congrats on your finish!! Glad you enjoyed it. :)

    I’m kind of surprised you were told the fog would blow off, because it’s almost always foggy up there. In five years, I think I’ve seen it clear that time of day maybe twice. And yes, I think Nike Women’s is probably the hilliest race route in SF, so well done!

  2. Reply Stephanie @ Cat Lady Runs Nov 27, 2013 10:12 pm

    I applied for the Nike Women’s Half in DC and am crossing my fingers I make the lottery because it looks so fun. That’s awesome for you to run with Team in Training, they seem like a great group!
    Stephanie @ Cat Lady Runs recently posted…Running in St. Augustine and an Irrational FearMy Profile

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