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Running with the kids - Adventure Wenches

Running with the kids

Last night my husband and I packed up our 2 kids and dog to run ‘together’ at the park.  It takes a few minutes to get there, but it has a great trail and beautiful scenery.    The kids were to ride their bikes while we ran.

We ended up splitting up and going in opposite directions since the kids were worried about colliding on their bikes.  I took the boy (6) and he went with the girl (9).

My husband has done this before with them, but it was my first time.  I was very aggravated the first half.  Seemed like the boy was constantly behind me with me pushing him to keep up.  (and I am SLOW to begin with!).

The second half went better and he started riding in front finally.

I do need to figure out a better time to run….heading out 20 minutes after dinner is not been a good thing.

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