River Time

It was a busy morning yesterday.  I squeezed in a little over 6 miles in before we left to pick up the kids from camp.  It was humid and I’m still struggling to run in this humidity.  I just feel like I’m going to pass out.  But, I got it done early…have I said recently how much I love group training?  Seriously.  I want to keep running after I’m done with the half.  (did I really just admit that?)  But, I’m a little nervous about running long runs without my group!

B was at a day camp all week and got to spend the night for the last day.  K was at a different camp all week.  It’s always tough on this momma to have her gone.  She did a half week last year to try it out and LOVED it.   So this year was the full week.  Even though it’s hard to be away, I love that she’s gaining independence, making new friends, and getting to experience a lot of great things.

After we picked them both up, we headed to the lake for some relaxation time with the husbands’ family before his sis and her son head back to AZ.     The lake is also by a river so we spent some time exploring.

River Time!



It’s always tough on the kids when their cousin has to go back home.

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