Night Run – that wouldn’t end

In July Sheri and I did the Heifer Hustle Night run.

It was brutal.

It was hot and oh so humid.   We signed up for 5 miles.  You had the option of going 10 and 15 as well.    Headlamps were recommended.

Hydrating before the start.

Hydrating before the start.


We were scheduled to start at 8:15.  We went back and forth over whether we thought we would the headlamps and/or our own water.  We were only doing 5.  We decided for the headlamps and no for the water since there would be a water stop and we were sufficiently hydrated to start.

Bad move.

The 15 milers set out first.  And then we were off.

Listening to instructions....or not.

Listening to instructions….or not.


Did I mention it was hot and humid?  We were feeling pretty good through mile 3.   We also didn’t bring any gps device since we weren’t worried about time.  But it would have been nice to know our distance.  We were trying to figure out when we would hit the water stop and someone near us told us we were at 3 so hopefully soon.

I started having some stomach cramping….needed water sooner.  We found it at mile 4.5.  We got a water bottle to take with us.  I could take a couple of sips and then my stomach would cramp again.    I thought it was odd they put the water stop so close to the finish.


It was getting dark and especially dark when we were in the trees.



We were happy we brought the headlamps.  We came out of the trees and I commented on how it was weird they put the banner heading to the left when we just had to cross the street.   Um…not so weird.

The voices that had been getting louder as we got closer to the finish started getting farther away.  When are we going to turn back that way?  In the trails in the trees it was hard to tell which way.  We hadn’t slowed down that much, why weren’t we at the end yet?    It was taking too long based on we were at 3.  Then Sheri started seeing spots she felt we’d already been before.  No…..

Then we came to the lake spot again and KNEW we did something very wrong.   A couple of girls running by while we were discussing it confirmed it.  We were on the 2nd loop.  And I KNEW exactly where we’d went wrong.  That banner that had us going left and NOT across the street.  Yeah.  There.

The girls also mentioned the loop was 6.5 miles instead of 5.  We think we were halfway through the 2nd loop when we figured it out.  There is not a dry spot on our bodies.    All I can think about is pickles and salty chips.

We kept going and popped out on the rode we spotted it through the trees and cut a little time of the 2nd loop.

We finished at 11:00pm.  We think we did between 9-11 miles but aren’t really sure.

Lessons learned:

Carry water

Wear your headlamp

GPS would be helpful.

Although we were hot, sticky, dehydrated and tired, we still smiled at the end.  Just another adventure!

Coming up Saturday if our first 12 hour adventure race.  What have we done now!

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