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New Year Goals - Adventure Wenches

New Year Goals 2

I’ve never really been one to set goals.  I guess mostly because they were always the same.  I wanted to lose a little weight and be more active.

This year, I got the active part down a little more, but still working on the losing weight.  It wasn’t a goal I set for the new year, but running my first half with Team in Training was my biggest fitness goal and accomplishment!

I’ve got a few goals to start out the new year this year!

Whole 30 – I’ve been waffling a little between the Virgin Diet and Whole 30.  Last year I ditched the 7 foods for the Virgin Diet with great success, but went on a trip and added them all back in at the same time. And never really got back on track.   I’m pretty positive I’m sensitive to both gluten and soy and don’t eat either regularly.  But I’ve never been really diligent about avoiding and then adding back in separately.   Over Christmas my brother and I were talking, and his family is going to do the Whole 30 at the start of the year.  So I decided to do it with them!  We don’t live in the same city or state, but it’s still more fun to do it with others.

14 in 14 – I’ve signed up with Jill Conyers to do 14 in 14!   I signed up for the combination runs since I’m already planning a 10k trail run, a half marathon, a 5k, a mud run, and want to try and adventure race.

Which leads me to 2 of the other goals:

Lincoln Half Marathon – Want to train harder and faster and see how much better I can do. I did the last one just to complete it, and this time I want to push it more.

Adventure Race – not sure why I think I can do this, but I’ve thought it would be fun for years.  I really want to give it a shot.

I also plan on losing 15 pounds and being consistent with my strength, yoga, and interval/HIIT/sprint workouts in addition to the running.

Those are are my fitness goals to start the year!  I am looking forward to it!

What are your goals?  Have you ever done a Whole 30?

2 thoughts on “New Year Goals

  1. Reply Diane Jan 20, 2014 7:10 pm

    Hi Shannon,
    I’m Diane from your SITS Tribe. I think your goals are great for 2014, especially the 14 in 14. I’ve heard fantastic things about it. I’m sure with all the activity you’ll be getting plus the work you’re doing on your diet, that you’ll have no problem shedding those 15 pounds. I wish you the best of luck, and look forward to reading about your successes!
    Diane recently posted…Back to the BasicsMy Profile

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