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New Kicks - Adventure Wenches

New Kicks

I got some new shoes today.  I’m not real sure I know what I’m doing.

These are my old shoes:

Brooks Pure Connect

I got them last fall and initially used them for walking.  I had just read the book Born To Run and was interested in the minimalist movement.  I walked all over DisneyWorld in them.  I’ve been running in them for the past 6-8 weeks with no issues.

We have a really great running store in town so I thought I should head there to see if they recommended anything else.  They check out the wear patterns on your current shoes and watch you walk to match any issues with appropriate shoes.    Turns out, I am okay with what I have.  I am wearing them well, but I could also go with a shoe with more cushion especially when I start going longer distances.

What to do, what to do?

I don’t want to mess with a good thing, but I don’t want to set myself up for problems later either.  She mentioned using the ones with more cushion for my longer runs and training with the Pure Connect for shorter distances.  AND if I don’t like them after running in them, I can take them back within a couple of weeks.

So I left with these:

Brooks Ghost 6

I am going to try them out tomorrow on a 4 mile run!  I will update how they work out.

Are you minimalist or cushioned?  Both?

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