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My first 10k! - Adventure Wenches

My first 10k!

This morning I ran my first 10k!  A group of us from work participated in a charity run.  4 of us did the 10k and 3 did a 3k.

It was a chilly start for the 1st day of June in Nebraska.  I was cold to start, but quickly warmed up and shed my jacket.  I should have left it in the car in hindsight, but I am not used to the fact that I will warm up quickly.   I got to run with a coworker and that was fun and helped keep my mind off if whether I could do it or not.  I was nervous that I’d be able to run all 6 miles.

My training schedule for the Nike’s Women’s Half marathon had me running 4 miles today so either way it was a new record for me.  My plan was to run the 4 and then walk when/if I needed to.  I kept going to mile 5, then walked up a hill, and kept going!

I was tired at the end, but felt good.  I just wish I thought enough to take some pictures to document it!

After the run, a few of us went to my boss’s house for breakfast.  It was delish!

Tonight, I’m struggling a bit with a sore hip flexor and sore kneecaps.  A friend recommended new shoes (which I’ve been thinking I needed anyway), and stretching my hip flexors.  

I know I’ve been lacking in the stretching.  What are your favorite stretches?

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