Lincoln Half Marathon recap

Sunday was the Lincoln Marathon and Half Marathon.  I ran the half.

The only pictures I ended up having are the ones my mom took where they came and watched.  Oops.

This was the first time I ran the Lincoln Half and it was pretty cool to see the town come out and support the runners. Lots of people and signs.  Some brought kleenex to hand out or jelly beans.

Since I lined up near the back it took about 50 minutes to get past the start line.  I think I used the porta potty 3 times before the race.

The first half went really well.  I had taken off behind the 2:35 pacer group and stayed with them for the first few miles.  Then I just didn’t want to see the 2:40 group pass me.    Unfortunately after about mile 8, my hip flexors really started to tighten up and my right knee was getting tweaky.  I walked a bit to try to stretch out a little and the 2:40 group passed me by.  Dang it.  They probably would have without the walking since my pace had slowed.

I was determined to not let the 2:50 pacers pass.  I walked a few times and saw the pacers once, but speed back up and got a comfortable distance ahead of them.


I’m trying to take off my long sleeve shirt and getting hugged by my son at the same time.

It was nice to see my family during the race and then my husband and kids came to the finish line.  Dealing with crowds and parking isn’t really his thing, so I really appreciated that he did it!

We got to finish on the 50 yard line at Memorial stadium with National Guardsman lining the way!

All in all, I’m stoked I PR’d by 18 minutes, but still think I couldn’t have done a lot better.  Does that mean I have to do another one?

What do you do for tight hip flexors?






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