Labor Day Weekend

While I’m definitely ready for fall and some cooler weather, I can’t really believe it’s here already.  I feel like it snuck up on me.   And now that the weekend is over, the kids activities are officially in full swing!  Dance, swim, football, soccer, girl scouts, Wednesday night church stuff.  It’s busy but all good stuff.  Both kids are interested in trying a lot of things out and we don’t want to discourage that.  Some of it is year round, but soccer and football is seasonally so only for a few weeks then the schedule eases up for a bit.

Saturday started with a 9 mile run with hills.  It was the most brutal of runs yet.  I don’t think any of us were looking forward to it with the heat and humidity.  We started a half hour earlier than normal to try to ahead of the heat a little.   But in the end, we made it and as always I felt great afterward.

My cousin came to town with her 3 kids for the game Saturday night, so my kids got to spend the day with them.  One of their favorite things!

And then of course, Saturday night was the first Husker game of the year.  We don’t need to talk about that much, but the Huskers ultimately won.

Sunday was a trip to the Farmer’s market.  One of my favorite things!  I got some raw local honey, fresh eggs, kale, and peppers.  My son always wants beef jerky from a local vendor.

Then we headed to the lake for some fun in the sun and relaxation.  Unfortunately, our a/c went out at the lake house.  We stayed the day and the kids played in the lake and we explored at the river.   We ended up driving back home that night because no one could sleep in that heat!

IMG_20130901_175231_678IMG_20130901_175743Monday was a 5 mile run…my longest solo run to date.  It felt great!  The humidity was down and it was a little cooler.

Then we took the kids to the Children’s zoo and out for an early dinner.  We have season passes to the zoo, but it was the first time we made it this year.  B loves turtles and tortoises and kept wanting to go back and look at them again and again.  It was the longest time we’ve ever spent at that zoo.


K and I waiting for the boys to come back from checking out the tortoises...again.

K and I waiting for the boys to come back from checking out the tortoises…again.


Kid goats

All in all, it was a great weekend filled with lots of different fun activities, great friends, and family!

What did you do for the long weekend?

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