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January Trail Run - Adventure Wenches

January Trail Run

You never know what you’re going to get running in January.  It’s been 50 degrees and muddy and sometimes it’s cold and snowy.

This one started out pretty decent but definitely got colder and cloudier by the end.

We did 6 miles.  The trail was pretty icy in patches and I got to use my yak trax for the first time!

The mud.


I still managed to fall but I can’t fault the ice or mud…I just tripped over a root.  I windmilled with arms flailing for a couple of steps and at least got over to the less muddy side before laying down.

Just resting


Sheri was all decked out in support of her team!


Go Steelers



Sunday is our first orienteering event for the season!   We just picked up our custom shirts and sweatshirts today, they look awesome!

I need some new sunglasses…I’m not digging the white ones.  What are your favorites sunglasses to run or bike in? 

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