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Is it getting hot in here? - Adventure Wenches

Is it getting hot in here?

Monday I attempted to run in the heat.   It was 90 degrees and humid.   I did fairly well for the first 2 miles.  The last 2 miles was a whole lot of walking.  I wanted water and shade…..and sunblock.  I tried walking in the shade and running in the sun….but there wasn’t much shade and I quickly tired of running in the sun too.

The last mile, my running partner had enough.  She just laid down as soon as she could find a shady tree.   After a couple of minutes I could coax her along a ways, but she stopped frequently to lay in whatever shady spot she could find.


My running partner, Bailey

We did eventually make it home, and enjoyed long drinks of cool water.

She is enjoying my training schedule and me becoming a runner.

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