Interest in Essential Oils

I am becoming increasingly interested in Essential Oils.   I started my real food journey awhile back from reading a couple of great books.  Nina Planck’s Real Food:  What to Eat and Why and Michael Pollan’s In Defense of Food.  They changed my whole outlook and it just. made. sense.

I’m far from perfect and struggle with giving a couple of things up but we try to eat whole real foods the majority of the time and limit exposure to toxins and chemicals when we can.

On to the oils….my first oil that I started using regularly was Eucalyptus.  I mix it with coconut oil and put on my kids chest, feet and a tiny bit under their nose when they have a cold.  Natural Vicks.   They always want it when they are sick.

Then for the past couple of years I’ve added Tea Tree/Melaleuca and Lavender.

Lavender is great for relaxation, and has anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties.  It’s also great to calm skin from a bug bite, bee sting, dry skin, etc.

Melaleuca  - is medicinal – and smells like it!  It’s anti-microbial and great for a variety of anti-viral, anti-fungal, etc uses.   It’s also good for acne and a variety of other uses.

Together they also make a good lice treatment and/or prevention.  I also use both in an all-purpose cleaner.

This year, I was researching natural bug/tick repellents.  I found this site that mentioned Rose Geranium oil as being an effective tick repellent.    I’ve used it a few times and every time No Ticks!!   From there I learned about DoTerra’s Terrashield.  I’ve also found that to be quite effective.  (although rubs off with sweaty/wet condition).

In my search for oils and in my reading of real food blogs whom I have come to respect and trust, as well as looking at some medical research I’ve been lead to DoTerra Oils over and over.   I’ve bought all of my recent oils through DoTerra  I do think there are other good companies out there but I’ve liked what I’ve seen coming through DoTerra.

I have recently ordered a Physicians Kit and can’t wait to experiment and learn more!


Check out this fascinating post:

Contact me if you are interested in learning more or buying at a discount – that’s what I do.






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