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Initial Running Gear - Adventure Wenches

Initial Running Gear

They say all you need to run is a decent pair of running shoes.  That may be true…but it can be a lot more enjoyable with a little gear.

I’ve never really been a runner.  I’ve done one 5k and a Warrior Dash.  I loved the Warrior Dash and would totally do it again!  But I’d need to train for the running more before I do it again.

So I’ve embarked on this journey to run half marathon.  The Nike Women’s half marathon in San Francisco for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society to be specific.  Could I have a picked a more hilly place to start?  Oh well, it should be beautiful!  I have had the running shoes.  I like my running shoes….although they haven’t really had a lot of experience with actual running.

I am 4 weeks into training.  I am started with Couch to 5k training program to just get me to the level to start the half training.  I’ve already bought more purchases for myself than I have in the last 2 years.  My first purchases were new ear buds.  I needed some that stayed in.  I bought these JVC Ear buds and LOVE them!  Nice price and they are comfortable and stay in great, and they come in a pretty purple color!


I also bought an armband to keep my phone handy.  I’ve tried a belt but I’m in not in love with that method either.  I really like using my phone for my running app and music and the armband does a decent job.  I think anything that holds a Droid or Iphone is going to feel bulky.

Nike Bra

My most recent purchase was a couple of new sports bras!  I friend recommended that I give up my 3 pack of Fruit of the Loom sports bras for this.  She told me to get a Nike Sports bra, my boobs would thank me.  This weekend I went to Scheels, and bought a Nike DriFit Sports Bra, and Moving Comfort Vixen.    Jury’s still out on whether or not my boobs are happier, but they are comfortable so far.  We’ll see how it goes as my mileage increases.

I’ve also invested in a couple of pairs of running capris.  I don’t like running shorts.  I don’t have the legs for them.  They ride up and I spend the whole run pulling them back down.   I bought a cheaper pair of Tek Gear from Kohls, and a nice pair from Nike.  Gotta say, the Nike’s are comfortable!  Wow!  We’ll see how they each hold up!

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