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We got out last weekend and went to our lake.  We used to have a home there, but now just have a lot.  It’s met with mixed emotions as we love it there, but do miss having the place there.  Someday we will again.


While I miss seeing friends and going out to eat occasionally and know that my kids are missing out on their activities terribly, there are a few things I’m really enjoying with quarantine life.

Here’s a few:

Hello Fresh: Meal prep delivery service.  We started this before quarantine life when I was recovering from surgery as a way to make things a little easier and we’ve kept at it.  It’s been great and the kids like to jump in an help occasionally.     There was a learning curve for us as we are pretty simple cooks most of the time, but not hard!    https://www.hellofresh.com/

Peloton:  We have the Peloton bike.  Again, we bought this before quarantine, but we love it and:  I love that we can all use it.  All 4 of us have our own log in to track our workouts and favorites.  It does work out handy that my kids are older and my daughter can use my shoes, and son can use my husbands…for now.    And I also love the Yoga!  I’ve really gotten into it and can tell a huge difference in my mobility and even how much better my hip and knee feels when running.

Street Parking:  My favorite membership/website for weight workouts/cross fit style workouts.  I took a break from this for awhile post surgery and have just gotten back into it the last few weeks.  They are home based workouts that you can do with just a dumbbell if that’s all you have.  Some people have some sweet garage gyms but they are all scalable based on ability and equipment.    I just have an adjustable dumbbell set.  I am doing their ‘Shift’ version now which is more simple movements and good for beginners, recovering from injury or pregnant.   It’s also got one of the best communities I’ve seen.  https://streetparking.com/.  You can also follow them on Instagram to get an idea of the workouts.

Fasting:  Started fasting pre-quarantine and had a bit of adjustment transitioning to being home more and husband being around cooking at 11:00am.  I’m a grazer and emotional eater so this has REALLY helped me keep my weight in check and even slowly lose during this time.   Start here if you want to learn more:  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01N4JHL1P/ref=dp-kindle-redirect?_encoding=UTF8&btkr=1

None of this is an ad, I don’t even have them linked for referral codes, just stuff I’m enjoying right now.


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