Catching up…and gearing up for 2015. 1

2015 is  going to be a great year!  Although I’ve missed posting a few events lately, I wanted to start off with 2015!

January has started out a little slow, with me being sick more often that not.  I’m really ready to start feeling good again.

Earlier in January we did a 6 mile trail run that was really muddy and sloppy.   I tripped, slipped, impaled my leg waving at someone not paying attention, and fell twice.

1st fall.

1st fall.

Muddy shoes.

Muddy shoes.

Trail run!

Trail run!

Saturday, we ended January with a 2 hour Orienteering event.    It was cold and snowing.    I started out the night before by running to Scheels (our sports good store) to buy a waterproof jacket.  As a relative newbie to running and adventure racing, I don’t have a lot of gear and am very slowly adding to it.  I wanted to check out the Saucony Razor Jacket as I read it doesn’t feel or sound like a normal waterproof jacket but I couldn’t find it locally.   But I ended up with a pretty sweet Under Armor jacket and it worked great.   We started by plotting our checkpoints on our map, and then changed into our trail shoes and got ready to go.  We had 2 hours to find 14 checkpoints.    We started off by going after 14 and working our way back.



We missed 12 and heard that it was an easy one.  I think we were watching another team ahead of us and got distracted.  We get ourselves into more trouble paying attention to others!  We do pretty good when we just do our own thing and make sure to get our bearings and check our compass.


We had to double back a couple of times to get one, but we got all of the rest.  If we would have not missed that easy one, we would’ve beaten a friend of mine and a tough team which would have been sweet.


It was a great day and as always with Sheri, we had a lot of fun doing it!

Our general plan for 2015:

More trail runs.  We are trying to do all of them in a series and at least 6 miles each.

Road runs – some 10k’s and Half Marathons thrown in.  Sheri is planning more halfs than me!

Some triathlons – we have a small one coming up at a health club and a couple of Olympic distances this fall with (gulp) a half iron distance this fall before I turn a certain number ending in 0.

Adventure Racing – more adventure races this year as well.  One in February, June, July, and October that are local.  We’d love to do an away one if time and funding permits.

What are you most excited about for 2015?


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