Adventure Racing – the night before

A little over a week ago, Sheri and I did our first ‘big’ adventure race.   It’s summer and all of the usually modes of transportation were included….kayaking, biking, hiking and orienteering.

This was RRRR – for Run, Row, Rock and Roll in Fairbury NE.   We had the choice of the Sport Course – up to 6 hours or the Adventure Course  - 6 – 12 hours.  We didn’t think we are ready yet for the Adventure so we opted for the 6.

We had to check in between 6-8 pm Friday night and then have a Team meeting at 8pm.  Start time Saturday was 6am!

We decided since we had to be there Friday night and had an early start time, we would just camp Friday night.  We both like to camp and had everything we need.


2 girls - 24 hours.

2 girls – 24 hours.

We got to Rock Creek Historical State Park around 3 in the afternoon and set up our spot.  We set up camp, rode our bikes around camp to check things out, came back and relaxed for an hour before we grilled up some dinner.    Sheri made an awesome kale, cranberry, and I forget what else salad, but it was incredible!

I made a pan of scotcharoos – for the healthy part of the trip.

We decided we should head into town for check in and the meeting about 7:20.  We got checked in about 7:45 and got our map and list of checkpoints.  Time to start plotting.

Map to check against with a possible course.

Map to check against with a possible course.

Meeting started and we went over some of the course and course rules.  If you open a gate, shut it or you will be chasing cows later in the day.  Lots of ticks and poison ivy on the course.  So far, this isn’t sounding good!

After we got the important details, it was back to plotting.  Plotting consists of having the latitude and longitude for each checkpoint and using a UTM tool to locate and mark it on the map.

We only had about half of our checkpoints plotted when they started closing down the center we were at.  Uh oh.  Now where do we go?  First a stop to Walmart for some long pants and long socks (to avoid ticks and poison ivy!) and some small carabiner’s to hold the map to our packs.

After a trip to the gas station for ice and another stop back at walmart to look for a phone charger since this girl forgot hers, we landed back at the campsite at 10:45 with a lot of checkpoints still to plot!

It was a little challenging to plot in the tent with no flat surface and limited lighting but we made it work.  We finished about 11:30 and decided to call it quits.  We would have like to highlight and add some street names for reference but didn’t make it.  Alarms were set for 4:30 in the morning to meet our other teammate (who we hadn’t met yet!) and drop our bikes.

Next up…Race Day!


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