A different kind of tri

Well…it was more of a quad really.

We ran, tried a slingshot, ran, threw a tomahawk, ran, shot a bow and arrow and then rifle.  It’s one of my favorite events every year.

We ran a mile between each event….nice little out and back to get us to the area to shoot.  This was the first time my son did it and he loved it.  First time with the tomahawk and shooting a rifle.    I did better at the tomahawk this year and actually got one to stick!  Bodhi did better than at the rifle and bow and arrow, but I beat him in the tomahawk and slingshot.





Afterward, we hiked up the tower.

Afterward, we hiked up the tower.



I’m a little behind on posting…hoping to start back up and get things caught up and get going again.  We stay busy through the winter and that can be challenging!   My brother is getting into OCR’s (Obstacle Course Races) and I’m hoping to do some of those with him as well.

What do you have planned for this fall?

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