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2nd Panama Adventure Race - Adventure Wenches

2nd Panama Adventure Race

I really want to write about our adventure race, but first I must tell you how awesome Sheri is!

On Saturday she ran up 40 flights of stairs for Omaha’s Trek the Towers event!

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Then we did a mini triathlon at a local health club that afternoon!  She kicked my butt by the way.  10 minute swim, 30 minute bike ride and 20 minutes on the treadmill.

And then Sunday.  A 2 hour Adventure Race.

We were not happy with the forecast.  It was supposed to 20 degrees with 25 mph wind (and it was!)  If I am going to run with others I don’t mind the cold weather so much but we were not looking forward to getting on bikes in that.  I am NOT a cold weather biker, and we don’t have any cold weather bike gear.    Running in cold you get warmer, biking in cold = you get colder!

What did I wear:  I’m always experimenting with this and am SLOWLY adding to my collection of gear.  I am generally cold all of the time so I probably layer more than most.  I thought I’d share in case it would help others….I know I struggled with that.   Today I had on my Mizuno Breathe Thermal shirt as the base layer, with a Nike shirt I got from my first half marathon in San Francisco as a second layer.  Next 2 layers were lighter jackets from Target’s C9 collection.   C9 gloves and 2 hats.  That worked great for the run.  Once we stopped and got ready for the biking, I kept my lighter beanie on under my helmet and added my new Under Armour Raincoat for the windproofness (making up a word here).    I also wore my Neck Gator that I’ve had since high school for skiing and loved it, as well as my Gore-Tex ski mittens on the bike.  They are a little awkward for handling on a bike, but great for warmth.    My trail shoes are Peal Izumi.  I know Sheri has been running Saucony’s for years for both trail and road.


We talked about the cold and windy conditions on the way there and said we’d just go out and do what we wanted.   If we were cold and miserable we’d just come back early.


Duct tape for the win! Who needs neoprene booties?


We got there and got our checkpoints plotted and strategized.  We decided to run first.  Most of the other teams wanted to bike first so they wouldn’t get all sweaty from the run and then have to bike.   It made sense, but biking isn’t our strong suit.  We were afraid we’d lose our timing if we tried to bike first and then not be able to get as many on the run.  We debated, but then decided to stick with our plan.



I think we saw only 1 other team running first.  We had a little bit of trouble with the first checkpoint and had to backtrack a little, but found the rest with relative ease.


After getting all 8 checkpoints on the run section, we added more layers and jumped on our bikes.  Biking into the wind was pretty brutal but I stayed pretty warm other than my head.  We got 2 checkpoints from the bike and decided we needed to head back due to time.


We got in at 1:54.

Then we celebrated National Margarita Day!  Sheri was kind enough to bring margarita’s for all, complete with lime slices!


And we came in 2nd place for the short course!!

After not really looking forward to the race, we ended up having a great time, stayed true to ourselves and our strengths and came out good!

The next local adventure race isn’t until the end of May with an Urban one and then mid-June for a longer course in the rural setting.  We are considering a drive to Kansas in the middle of this month for a adventure race at Milford Lake but haven’t decided yet.  If only we had unlimited funds for racing.

What have you been doing in the winter months?  Do you bike in the cold?  What’s your most important piece of gear for cold weather biking?

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